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Are you planning to outsource your software development project?

  • Full Product Development
  • Software Maintenance
  • Custom Software Development

We are proud to declare that we are quite flexible in adjusting the methodologies according to our client’s requirements. We have been serving different types of clients, very large once to the start up ones. According to the type of clients we customise our methods and processes to serve the proper documentation, correct mix of control and also the design of our activities. We promise you to provide top quality software without binding our valuable clients into any sort of rigid practices.

In recent times, outsourcing is nothing but a global phenomenon gifted to us by the transformation of the global economy. Presently offshore outsourcing is considered as a major value enhancer that enables the organisations to track their main operations at a highly reduced cost. Successful outsourcing of your project is all about the correct choice of an experienced professional outsourcing service provider. The latter should be able to do justice with the technical criteria and the critical business to live up to your expectations.

We own a team of professional consultants who work hard to understand your business and provide you practical solutions. They are specialised in assisting our clients to improvise and enhance their strategic abilities.

Our definite and experimental processes at Mamta Infotech have enabled us to offer a huge range of outsourcing services. We do so by maintaining a high quality, responsiveness and effectiveness which defines our standards. We also take pride in declaring that our offshore business model is a unique one, enabling us to deliver measurable results and predictable quality through our well defined processes.

Benefits of outsourcing to Mamta Infotech

  • Significant cost advantage
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Access to diversified hub of trained professionals
  • Renowned service provider offering both innovative design abilities and advanced technologies
  • Efficiency in expanding your resource base without recruiting costly labour
  • Prompt and trustworthy delivery system
  • Curtailed development span