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Continuous maintenance and support for software is crucial, more so with business software. Dedicating a set of local resources especially for this purpose can be a cost not many business owners can afford. This leads to a reduction in the priority of these services, which can have its own set of consequences. With Mamta Infotech, our clients can avail dedicated and / or shared resources to handle the support required for the maintenance of these services, at a small fraction of the earlier costs. We understand the dynamic nature of the evolution of a business and offer the maintenance and support of these services in order to keep business operations running smoothly.

Our software support team believes in evolving with the times and so delivers the best possible support which is reliable and extremely affordable. We deliver effective business software support which allows our clients to:

  • Target their own available resources on the activities with the highest-value
  • Deliver maximum returns and continuous improvement on their investments
  • Increase dependability and performance quality of the system, bringing our clients a unique competitive edge.
  • Measured results and support processes

Advantix delivers the most expansive set of business software support and maintenance requirements of all types of clients, including:

  • Continuous Support (bug analysis, error resolution, on-line support)
  • Adaptive Augmentations (modifications to help the changes in business requirements )
  • Innovative Upgrades (introducing new features and functionality)
  • Technical Optimization (improvements in structure/ content)

Each project undertaken by Mamta Infotech includes a free warranty so that you get to see, worry – free, how effective our services can make your operations.

Feel free to get in touch with us at any time for all related enquiries.